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New Books
I Am a Killer
A Christmas Vanishing
Check & Mate
What the River Knows
Hunt on Dark Waters
Ghosthunting Michigan
End Credits
The Way I Am Now
The Watchmaker
The Porcelain Maker
The Helsinki Affair
Daughter of the Siren Queen
While Idaho Slept
Do Your Worst
Wish of the Wicked
From a Far and Lovely Country
Deus X
Binding 13
The Lumumba Plot
The Lost Cause
The Hunting Moon
Christmas in Painted Pony Creek
The Manor House
The Corsican Shadow
Among the Bros
Green Fuse Burning
The Christmas Wager
Evidence of Things Seen
What an Owl Knows
The Fiction Writer
The Black Joke
The Wishing Bridge
Godly Heathens
The Mystery Guest
Command and Control
The Ball at Versailles
Becoming the Boogeyman
Alex Cross Must Die
Unnatural Death
Ready to Protect
Alice Sadie Celine