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We'll meet again
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In best-selling Clark's typical fashion, this novel is populated by beautiful, powerful, wealthy people, all of whom have skeletons in their well-filled closets. Molly Carpenter Lasch, a gorgeous socialite married to a handsome doctor and living in affluent Greenwich, Connecticut, finds out her "perfect" husband is having an affair with a nurse. Shortly after, he is brutally murdered, and Molly is discovered asleep in their bed, covered with his blood and unable to remember what happened. The story picks up five years later, when Molly is out of jail on parole. Determined to get her memory back and figure out what really happened that night, she meets with the "other woman" --who is then found murdered in her car. Although Clark spends a lot more time on the superficial than the psychological (we hear plenty about Molly's looks but almost nothing about her jail time), she is a master of suspense and an excellent storyteller. First-rate entertainment. ((Reviewed April 15, 1999)) Copyright 2000 Booklist Reviews

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Having served 15 years for a crime she thinks college chum Frances committed, Julia is out for blood. Literary Guild main selection. Copyright 1998 Cahners Business Information.


When Molly is paroled after being falsely convicted of murdering her husband, she beseeches her friend, investigative reporter Fran Simmons, to do an expose on her case and flush out the real killer - (Baker & Taylor)

When she and her best friend are entangled in a brutal crime, Julia is falsely convicted of murder, while Frances lives as a social outcast and Lindsey, a mutual friend of both women, is determined to prove Julia's innocence, until fifteen years later, Julia is released from prison and sets out to destroy Frances. 1,000,000 first printing. Lit Guild Main. Tour. - (Baker & Taylor)

At the heart of Mary Higgins Clark's new novel of suspense is a brutal murder: that of Gary Lasch, a respected and successful young Greenwich, Connecticut, doctor and hospital and HMO head. The news strikes Greenwich society like a thunderbolt - as does the news that Molly Carpenter Lasch, the beautiful young wife of the slain doctor, has been arrested for her husband's murder.
Nobody believes Molly's claim to have no memory of the events of the night of the crime - not her parents, not her friends, not even her own lawyer - and evidence against her is overwhelming. To escape an inevitable murder conviction, she accepts a plea bargain, and subsequently her lawyer wins her early parole.
A few years later, on Molly's release from prison, she reasserts her innocence in front of TV cameras and reporters gathered at the prison gate. Among them is an old acquaintance and schoolmate, Fran Simmons, currently working as investigative reporter for the True Crime television series.
Determined to prove her innocence, Molly convinces Fran to research and present a program on Gary's death. Despite her skepticism, Fran agrees to go ahead.
Fran, intent on assuaging Molly's doubts about her husband's death and her own gnawing questions about her father's suicide, soon finds herself enmeshed in a tangled web of intrigue and menace - more deaths and more unanswered questions about Gary Lasch's murder. - (Blackwell North Amer)

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