"Soap Making the Natural Way" book, "The Bath Bomb Recipe Book" book, "Learn to Make Cold Press Soap" dvd, Silicone mold w/ wood box, 6 Cavity Flower Silicone mold, 15 Cavity Silicone mold, 8 piece bath bomb molds, 2-cup Measuring cup, Digital scale, Digital Thermometer, Wavy and Straight soap cutting tools, 3 piece silicone spatula set, Project Guide sheet
Replacement Cost
Soapmaking the Natural Way: $8.90
The Bath Bomb Recipe Book: $8.95
Silicone mold w/ wood box: $13.85
6 Cavity Flower Silicone mold: $8.95
15 Cavity Silicone mold: $7.95
8 Piece Bath Bomb Molds: $7.95
2-Cup Measuring Cup: $13.00
Digital Scale: $9.95
Digital Thermometer: $9.95
Wavy and Straight Soap Cutting Tools: $8.95
3 Piece Silicone Spatula Set: $9.95
Bin: $11.95
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Three Dimensional Object (Artifact)

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