New Sound Recordings

No Man No Man's Land
Baldacci, David
Partners Partners
Grisham, John
The Girl on the Train The Girl on the Train
Hawkins, Paula
The 14th Colony The 14th Colony
Berry, Steve
Jump Jump
Harvey, Steve
Guided mindfulness meditation. Series 1 Guided mindfulness meditation. Series 1
Kabat-Zinn, Jon, author.
It It's ok not to share
Shumaker, Heather, author.
The turncoat The turncoat's gambit
Cremer, Andrea R., author.
How to catch an elf How to catch an elf
Wallace, Adam, author.
Peter Pan Peter Pan
Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937, author.
NPR road trips. On the road again NPR road trips. On the road again
The night stalker: the life and crimes of Richard Ramirez The night stalker: the life and crimes of Richard Ramirez
Carlo, Philip.
Spider Spider's web
Omer, Mike.
Forsaken Forsaken
Kincade, Sierra.
The game that breaks us The game that breaks us
Smeltzer, Micalea.
Torn Torn
Cole, Carian.
Fighting to breathe Fighting to breathe
Reynolds, Aurora Rose.
In shining armor In shining armor
James, Elliott, author.
Never wed an outlaw Never wed an outlaw
Snow, Nicole, author.
Burning bright Burning bright
Scott, Melissa.
The debt: a novel The debt: a novel
Halle, Karina, author.
The fixer The fixer
Woods, T. E.
The medium The medium
Archer, C. J., author.
Death Death's deal
Jones, Darren.
Night of the whisper Night of the whisper
Scott, Cavan.
Doctor Who. Hunters of Earth Doctor Who. Hunters of Earth
Robinson, Nigel.
Shadow of death Shadow of death
Guerrier, Simon.
Doctor Who: destiny of the Doctor. Vengeance of the stones Doctor Who: destiny of the Doctor. Vengeance of the stones
Smith, Andrew.
The time machine The time machine
Fitton, Matt.
Babblesphere Babblesphere
Morris, Jonathan.
The three-body problem The three-body problem
Liu, Cixin, author.
Once upon a wine Once upon a wine
Kendrick, Beth, author.
The secret of the dark forest The secret of the dark forest
Mahanenko, Vasily.
Banking the billionaire Banking the billionaire
Monroe, Max (Joint pseudonym), author.
Father of lies Father of lies
England, S. E.
And a bottle of rum: a history of the New World in ten cocktails And a bottle of rum: a history of the New World in ten cocktails
Curtis, Wayne, 1957-
A double dose of Dilaudid: real stories from a small-town ER A double dose of Dilaudid: real stories from a small-town ER
Hamm, Kerry, author.
Deadlocked Deadlocked
Emme, Lisa.
The handmaiden The handmaiden's necklace
Martin, Kat.
Stormswept Stormswept
Jeffries, Sabrina, author.
Tempting Tatum Tempting Tatum
Ryan, Kaylee, author.
Keeping score Keeping score
Rider, Sara.
Conquering Conquering
Michele, Ryan.
Vodka on the rocks Vodka on the rocks
Vale, Lani Lynn.
Test drive Test drive
Hart, Riley, author.
Final witness Final witness
Bell, James Scott.
Luck and judgement Luck and judgement
Grainger, Peter.
Traveler Traveler
Weisman, Greg (Gregory David), 1963- author.
Hot milk Hot milk
Levy, Deborah, author.
The marriage ultimatum The marriage ultimatum
O'Shay, Charlotte, author.
The detective's secret
Thomson, Lesley, 1958- author.
The ordeals of Sherlock Holmes
Barnes, Jonathan, 1979- author.
Burnt offerings
Wright, Mark (Science fiction author), author.
Neighbor dearest
Ward, Penelope, author.
The girl next door
Cousins, Amy Jo.
Helping you to lose weight
Hudson, Lynda.
Reckless river
Cross, Lindsay.
Fallen Dragon
Hamilton, Peter F.
Alien Arcana
Stewart, Glynn.
How dogs work
Coppinger, Raymond, author.
A sure thing
Harte, Marie, author.
Rendezvous with yesterday
Duvall, Dianne, author.
Archangel's heart: Guild Hunter Series, Book 9
Singh, Nalini, 1977- author.
Hold on
McKenna, Lindsay.
Looking inside
Kery, Beth, author.
Billionaire on the loose
Clare, Jessica.
Lady Maggie's secret scandal
Burrowes, Grace.
Hang tough
James, Lorelei, author.
Very twisted things
Madden-Mills, Ilsa.
Now that she's gone
Olsen, Gregg, author.
The bluebonnet betrayal
Wingate, Marty.
Death in Yellowstone: accidents and foolhardiness in the first national park
Whittlesey, Lee H., 1950-
Washington and Hamilton: the alliance that forged America
Knott, Stephen F., author.
Owls well that ends well
Andrews, Donna, author.
Van Dyken, Rachel, author.
Reviver: a novel
Patrick, Seth.
Big game
Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.
Evans, Richard Paul.
Total eclipse of the heart: a novel
Escaping reality
Jones, Lisa Renee, author.
Connolly, John, 1968- author.
Learned optimism
Seligman, Martin E. P.
A most wanted man
Le Carrâe, John, 1931-
Sweet filthy boy
Lauren, Christina, author.
The troop: a novel of terror
Cutter, Nick.
The deep
Cutter, Nick, author.
Carniepunk: an Iron Druid short story from the Carniepunk anthology. The Demon Barker of Wheat Street
Hearne, Kevin, author.
The end of overeating: taking control of the insatiable American appetite
Kessler, David A., 1951- author.
It's your time: activate your faith, achieve your dreams, and increase in God's favor
Osteen, Joel.
This changes everything
Klein, Naomi, 1970-
Ugly love: a novel
Hoover, Colleen, author.
The short and tragic life of Robert Peace: a brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy League
Hobbs, Jeff, 1980- author.
Infinite possibilities
Jones, Lisa Renee, author.
Sweet filthy morning after
Lauren, Christina, author.
Chase, Emma, author.
Many lives, many masters
Weiss, Brian L. (Brian Leslie), 1944-
Baby, it's cold outside
Death wears a beauty mask: and other stories
Clark, Mary Higgins.
Maybe someday
Hoover, Colleen, author.
UnPHILtered: the way I see it
Robertson, Phil, 1946-
Chase, Emma, author.
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Edge of tomorrow
Sakurazaka, Hiroshi, 1970- author.
The Rosie effect: a novel
Simsion, Graeme C., author.
Chase, Emma, author.
About Grace
Doerr, Anthony, 1973- author.
Loving Cara: a Love under the big sky novel
Proby, Kristen, author.
Rusty nailed
Clayton, Alice, author.
Dirty rowdy thing
Lauren, Christina, author.
Dark wild night
Lauren, Christina, author.
New blood
Forbeck, Matt, author.
Assassination vacation
Vowell, Sarah, 1969-
From a Buick 8
King, Stephen, 1947-
Rainwater: a novel
Brown, Sandra, 1948-
Michael Vey: the prisoner of cell 25
Evans, Richard Paul.
Weiner, Jennifer, author.
Falling for Jillian
Proby, Kristen, author.
A good marriage
King, Stephen, 1947-
Think like a champion: an informal education in business and life
Trump, Donald, 1946-
Maybe not: a novella
Hoover, Colleen, author.
Evil spy school
Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.
Big driver
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
The coaching habit: say less, ask more & change the way you lead forever
Bungay Stanier, Michael, 1967- author.
Eye of Ra
Ewers, Kipjo K.
Claimed by the Warrior
Knight, Eliza, author.
Origin exposed
Crane, Jen.
About a dragon
Aiken, G. A.
Substitute: going to school with a thousand kids
Baker, Nicholson, author.
Veiled: a novel
Halle, Karina, author.
Grant, Michael, 1954- author.
The lost art of listening, second edition: how learning to listen can improve relationships
Nichols, Michael P.
Three weeks to wed
Quinn, Ella, author.
The Swamp Fox: how Francis Marion saved the American Revolution
Oller, John, author.
The diva serves high tea
Davis, Krista, author.
Defy the dawn: a midnight breed novel
Adrian, Lara, author.
Valentine, Sienna.
Originals ride: Hell Raisers demanding extreme chaos
Camaron, Chelsea, author.
Eggnog murder
Gunslinger: the remarkable, improbable, iconic life of Brett Favre
Pearlman, Jeff, author.
Anatomy of a song: the oral history of 45 iconic hits that changed rock, R & B and pop
Myers, Marc, 1956-
The earth is weeping: the Indian wars for the American West, 1866-1891
Cozzens, Peter, 1957- author.
A most novel revenge
Weaver, Ashley, author.
All four stars
Dairman, Tara, author.
Bad judgment
March, Meghan.
Jeeves and the feudal spirit
Wodehouse, P. G. (Pelham Grenville), 1881-1975.
Driven by eternity: make your life count today & forever
Bevere, John.
Sunset in Central Park: From Manhattan with Love Series, Book 2
Morgan, Sarah.
Sleepless in Manhattan: From Manhattan with Love Series, Book 1
Morgan, Sarah.
Hold Me, Cowboy: Copper Ridge Series, Book 2
Yates, Maisey.
Family sins: death comes to Eden
Sala, Sharon, author.
Don't Lie to Me
Bardan, Amber.
Cast in Flight: Chronicles of Elantra Series, Book 12
Sagara, Michelle.
Cocktail time
Wodehouse, P. G. (Pelham Grenville), 1881-1975.
Much obliged, Jeeves
Wodehouse, P. G. (Pelham Grenville), 1881-1975.
Aunts aren't gentlemen
Wodehouse, P. G. (Pelham Grenville), 1881-1975.
K'wan, author.
The Last Days of Hitler
Trevor-Roper, Hugh.
Beauty and the clockwork beast
Allen, Nancy Campbell.
Strong and kind: and other important character traits your child needs to succeed
Robertson, Korie, 1973-
The girl from the train
Joubert, Irma, author.
Love in the details: a November wedding story
Wade, Becky, author.
The wedding chapel
Hauck, Rachel, 1960- author.
Love & respect: the love she most desires, the respect he desperately needs
Eggerichs, Emerson, author, narrator.
With love from the inside
Pisel, Angela.
Vampire girl
Kinrade, Karpov.
Too pretty to live: the catfishing murders of East Tennessee
Brooks, Dennis.
Kisses between the lines: an echo ridge anthology
Christensen, Rachelle J.
The company of cats
Babson, Marian, author.
Marked for death: the first war in the air
Hamilton-Paterson, James, author.
The night parade
Malfi, Ronald Damien.
Command decision: Project Gliese 581g
Smith, S. E.
Smart mom, rich mom: how to build wealth while raising a family / Kimberly Palmer
Palmer, Kimberly, author.
An untimely frost
Richards, Penny.
The story of Egypt: the civilization that shaped the world
Fletcher, Joann, author.
Christodora: a novel
Murphy, Tim.
Christmas stories
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
Chasing Rhodes
Jolin, Anne.
Jo's journey
Smith, S. E.
Christmas Kisses: An Echo Ridge Anthology
McConnell, Lucy.
Hell on heels
Jolin, Anne.
The unseen world: a novel
Moore, Liz, 1983- author.
The Toltec art of life and death: a story of discovery
Ruiz, Miguel, 1952- author.
The evolution of everything: how new ideas emerge
Ridley, Matt, author.
Without rival: embrace your identity and purpose in an age of confusion and comparison
Bevere, Lisa, author, narrator.
The Toltec art of life and death
Ruiz, Miguel, 1952-
Dark matter and the dinosaurs: the astounding interconnectedness of the universe
Randall, Lisa, author.
Stealing America: what my experience with criminal gangs taught me about Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party
D'Souza, Dinesh, 1961- author, narrator.
Shadow of empire
Allan, Jay, author.
I'll be home for Christmas: a Twilight, Texas novel
Wilde, Lori, author.
Depraved heart: a Scarpetta novel
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, author.
Sidney Sheldon's Reckless: a Tracy Whitney novel
Bagshawe, Tilly, author.
Scandal takes the stage
Leigh, Eva, author.
Falling into bed with a duke
Heath, Lorraine, author.
The wrong bride
Callen, Gayle.
Midnight watch: a Sigma Force short story
Rollins, James, 1961- author.
After Alice: a novel
Maguire, Gregory, author.
Make 'em laugh: short-term memories of longtime friends
Reynolds, Debbie, author.
Notorious RBG: the life and times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Carmon, Irin, author.
David Spade is almost interesting: the memoir
Spade, David, author, narrator.
Charlie the ranch dog: rock star
Drummond, Ree, author.
Ten thousand skies above you
Gray, Claudia, author.
Cold-hearted rake
Kleypas, Lisa, author.
Eden, Cynthia, author.
The theory of death: a Decker/Lazarus novel
Kellerman, Faye, author.
The Magnolia Story
Gaines, Joanna
Leadership from the Inside Out
Cashman, Kevin
Babylon's Ashes
Corey, James S. A.
Nine Women, One Dress
Rosen, Jane L.
The Blackbirds
Dickey, Eric Jerome
Not Dead Yet
Collins, Phil
Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd
Bradley, Alan
Art of Mindful Living
Curious Minds
Sutton, Phoef
Present Over Perfect
Niequist, Shauna
Disney's silly songs
Toddler action songs : 24 classic songs for toddlers
Camp songs. Vol. 1
VeggieTales. all the songs. Volume two today's top worship songs for kids!
Live at the BBC
Yardbirds (Musical group)
Braver Than We Are
Meat Loaf (Vocalist), 1948-.
Notte magica : a tribute to three tenors
Volo (Musical group)
Stuff Christians like
Acuff, Jonathan M.
How Should a Person Be?
Heti, Sheila
The Woman in Cabin 10
Ware, Ruth.
Everyone brave is forgiven
Cleave, Chris, author.
A Very Kacey Christmas
Musgraves, Kacey.
It's a Pony Kind of Christmas
Misplaced childhood
Marillion (Musical group)
No fun aloud
Frey, Glenn.
The Christmas Album
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
The angry birds movie : original motion picture score
Pereira, Heitor, composer, producer.
Heart Beats
Baby Beatles!
Babypants, Caspar.
Night Night!
Babypants, Caspar.
Disney icon. Volume 4.
Disney Icon. Volume 3.
Preschool workout
Beauty and the beast : an original Walt Disney Records soundtrack
Eric Benet.
Benét, Eric, composer, singer.
White Christmas blue
Lynn, Loretta.
Disaster! original Broadway cast recording.
Greatest Songs of the 1930's
Skeleton Tree
Cave, Nick.
Snap, Clap, Wiggle & Giggle
Huff, Mary Jo.
Cold World
Of Mice and Men.
Welcome Summer
Reid-Naiman, Kathy.
In the round
Al-Saadi, Laith, composer, performer.
Merry axemas : a guitar Christmas.
Classic Glenn Frey.
Frey, Glenn.
Party tyme karaoke. Super hits. 27.
A classic rock Christmas.
Long time coming
Al-Saadi, Laith, composer, performer.
A Night at the Opera
Greatest Hits
Popstar: never stop never stopping : official soundtrack
Lonely Island (Comedy group), composer, performer.
Mozart for Kids
One Way
Mann, Tamela.
An Accidental Death
Grainger, Peter
Make Them Cry
O'Brien, Kevin
Woman of God
Paetro, Maxine
Dearly Depotted
Collins, Kate
Colapinto, John
You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
O'Brien, Kevin
A Torch Against the Night
Tahir, Sabaa
Last Rituals
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa
Journey to the End of the Night
Celine, Louis-Ferdinand
The Next to Die
O'Brien, Kevin
Eligible : a novel
Sittenfeld, Curtis, author.
12 Nights of Christmas
Kelly, R..
Sea of Noise
St. Paul & the Broken Bones.
Another Place You've Never Been
Kauffman, Rebecca
Swords and Saddles
Campbell, Jack
Black Number Four
Steiner, Kandi
The Legend of the Rift
Lerangis, Peter
Zaslow, Jeffrey
The Secrets She Kept
Novak, Brenda
The Memory Closet
Hammon, Ninie
The Hammer of Thor
Riordan, Rick
McShane, Larry
A Great Reckoning
Penny, Louise
Out of the Depths
Harrell, Edgar
The Games
Sullivan, Mark
Out of Bounds
Grey, R. S.
Stealing Taffy
Donovan, Susan
The Broken Ones
Denzil, Sarah A.
Woman on the Edge of Time
Piercy, Marge
All That Ails You
Asher, Mark J.
United as One
Lore, Pittacus
Scary Old Sex
Heyman, Arlene
The Swarm
Johnston, Aaron
The Heavens May Fall
Eskens, Allen
Gone to Soldiers
Piercy, Marge
Moana : read-along storybook and CD
Scollon, Bill, adapter.
The complete national anthems of the world
Slovenský rozhlas. Symfonický orchester.
Boats, beaches, bars & ballads
Buffett, Jimmy.
Sey, Seinabo.
We wish you a metal Xmas and a headbanging New Year.
The mother, the mechanic and the path
Early November (Musical group)
Gerry Mulligan Vol. 2 : seven classic albums
Mulligan, Gerry, performer.
Princess pop
Cooltime Kids.
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac live at the BBC
Fleetwood Mac (Musical group)
A Thousand Boy Kisses
Cole, Tillie
Turbo Twenty-Three
Evanovich, Janet
Love in Lowercase
Miralles, Francesc
Escape Clause
Sandford, John
We Know It Was You
Thrash, Maggie
Smooth Operator
Hall, Parnell
Southern rock Christmas
Ciao! : the best of Lush
Lush (Musical group).
Solo collection
Frey, Glenn.
Best of Glenn Frey
Frey, Glenn.
Party tyme karaoke. Super hits. 26
Punk in drublic
NOFX (Musical group).
Not your average princesses
More please!
Babypants, Caspar.
Sing along!
Babypants, Caspar.
To Celebrate Christmas
Nettles, Jennifer.
Tis the Season
Buffett, Jimmy.
Someday at Christmas
Evancho, Jackie.
The angry birds movie original motion picture soundtrack.
Disney karaoke series : Disney favorites
Kidz Bop Christmas
Kidz Bop Kids.
Storks : original motion picture soundtrack
Danna, Mychael, composer.
The very first Thanksgiving Day
Greene, Rhonda Gowler, author.
Eric Clapton live in San Diego with special guest JJ Cale
Clapton, Eric.
More sheep less sleep
Swinging Belles (Musical group), performer.
Away we go!
Babypants, Caspar.
Disney Karaoke Series - Disney Junior theme songs
Ice age, collision course : original motion picture score
Debney, John, composer, conductor.
Simply Christmas
Odom, Leslie, Jr.
Netrebko, Anna.
Scrappy Little Nobody
Kendrick, Anna
Long live the angels
Sande, Emeli.
Tattooed heart
Dunn, Ronnie.
Early Years 1967-1972 Cre/Ation
Pink Floyd (Musical group)
57th & 9th
Sting (Musician)
Joe (Joe Thomas)
Now that's what I call music!. Vol. 60.
Black America Again
Bella Donna
Nicks, Stevie, composer, performer.
Big boat
Phish (Musical group), composer, performer.
Gary Bowman's Song of the Wild
Bowman, Gary.
Broken Lines
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra.
Fishing Blues
Laurie Berkner Band.
Trapt (Musical group)
You are (not) small
Kang, Anna.