New Books

Money-- you got this : easy to implement money strategies so you can take control of your business finances and create your dream life Money-- you got this : easy to implement money strategies so you can take control of your business finances and create your dream life
Krane, Justin.
Courageous love Courageous love
Richardson, K. C.
Normal Normal
Ellis, Warren
The Rejected Writers The Rejected Writers' Book Club
Kelman, Suzanne
A killing at Cotton Hill : a Samuel Craddock mystery A killing at Cotton Hill : a Samuel Craddock mystery
Shames, Terry.
A hustler A hustler's wife
Turner, Nikki
The Apache wars : the hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the captive boy who started the longest war in American history The Apache wars : the hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the captive boy who started the longest war in American history
Hutton, Paul Andrew, 1949-.
Troubled refuge : struggling for freedom in the Civil War Troubled refuge : struggling for freedom in the Civil War
Manning, Chandra
Wild wild death Wild wild death
Daniels, Casey.
100,000+ baby names / The Most Complete, Fascinating, and Helpful Name Book You Can Find 100,000+ baby names / The Most Complete, Fascinating, and Helpful Name Book You Can Find
Lansky, Bruce.
What degree do I need to pursue a career in health care? What degree do I need to pursue a career in health care?
Hubbard, Rita L
American governor : Chris Christie American governor : Chris Christie's bridge to redemption
Katz, Matt
Investing online for dummies Investing online for dummies
Krantz, Matt
Real world, real estate : The roadmap to successful investing Real world, real estate : The roadmap to successful investing
Baysinger, Karrie
Investing in ETFs for dummies Investing in ETFs for dummies
Wild, Russell
Investing in bonds for dummies Investing in bonds for dummies
Wild, Russell
In the unlikely event : a novel In the unlikely event : a novel
Blume, Judy, author.
Supernatural born killers Supernatural born killers
Daniels, Casey.
A hard day A hard day's fright
Daniels, Casey.
Making social security work for you : advice, strategies, and timelines that can maximize your benefits Making social security work for you : advice, strategies, and timelines that can maximize your benefits
Birken, Emily Guy
Out to work : migration, gender, and the changing lives of rural women in contemporary China Out to work : migration, gender, and the changing lives of rural women in contemporary China
Gaetano, Arianne M
Keynes : useful economics for the world economy Keynes : useful economics for the world economy
Temin, Peter.
The book of destinies : discover the life you were born to live The book of destinies : discover the life you were born to live
Parkyn, Chetan, 1951-.
European history for dummies European history for dummies
Lang, Sean.
100 days of real food fast & fabulous : the easy and delicious way to cut out processed food 100 days of real food fast & fabulous : the easy and delicious way to cut out processed food
Leake, Lisa
New Suicide Squad. Volume 4, Kill Anything New Suicide Squad. Volume 4, Kill Anything
Dark Knight returns : the last crusade Dark Knight returns : the last crusade
Miller, Frank, 1957-.
Investing in dividends : for dummies Investing in dividends : for dummies
Carrel, Lawrence, 1963-.
Together is better : a little book of inspiration Together is better : a little book of inspiration
Sinek, Simon
The bearded dragon manual The bearded dragon manual
De Vosjoli, Philippe
Last girl before freeway : the life, loves, losses, and liberation of Joan Rivers Last girl before freeway : the life, loves, losses, and liberation of Joan Rivers
Bennetts, Leslie, 1949- author.
Idaho : a novel Idaho : a novel
Ruskovich, Emily, author.
The World Book encyclopedia. 2017. The World Book encyclopedia. 2017.
Like magic Like magic
Vickers, Elaine.
Trashed : a graphic novel Trashed : a graphic novel
Derf, author, artist.
The Sculptor The Sculptor
McCloud, Scott
Last of the sandwalkers Last of the sandwalkers
Hosler, Jay (Jay S.), author, illustrator.
Tropic of the sea Tropic of the sea
Kon, Satoshi, 1963-2010, artist, author.
The totally awesome Hulk. Vol. 1, Cho time The totally awesome Hulk. Vol. 1, Cho time
Pak, Greg.
The unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Vol. 2, Squirrel you know it The unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Vol. 2, Squirrel you know it's true
North, Ryan.
Trillium Trillium
Lemire, Jeff.
Sing no evil Sing no evil
Ahonen, JP.
Bad machinery : the case of the simple soul. 3 Bad machinery : the case of the simple soul. 3
Allison, John.
Bad machinery : the case of the good boy. 2 Bad machinery : the case of the good boy. 2
Allison, John.
Breath of bones : a tale of the golem Breath of bones : a tale of the golem
Niles, Steve.
The suspended castle : a Philemon adventure : a TOON graphic The suspended castle : a Philemon adventure : a TOON graphic
Fred, 1931-2013, author, illustrator.
Take it as a compliment Take it as a compliment
Trish Trash : rollergirl of Mars. 1 Trish Trash : rollergirl of Mars. 1
Abel, Jessica, author, illustrator.
Cabinet of curiosities : collecting and understanding the wonders of the natural world Cabinet of curiosities : collecting and understanding the wonders of the natural world
Grice, Gordon (Gordon D.)
STEAM guides in app development STEAM guides in app development
Kirk, Ruth M.
STEAM jobs in forensics
Duke, Shirley Smith.
Pretty hands & sweet feet : paint your way through a coloful variety of crazy-cute nail art designs, step by step.
Waite, Sarah
Make : fun! : create your own toys, games, and amusements
Knetzger, Bob.
A history of ambition in 50 hoaxes
Eaton, Gale, 1947-.
Make: Tech DIY : easy electronics projects for parents and kids
Lee, Ji Sun.
The reader
Chee, Traci
Five nights at Freddy's : The silver eyes
Cawthon, Scott.
Not your sidekick
Lee, C. B.
Hotel for the lost
Young, Suzanne.
Game on! : video game history from Pong and Pac-man to Mario, Minecraft, and more
Hansen, Dustin
Reproductive rights : who decides?
Wittenstein, Vicki O., 1954-.
The growing up guide for girls : what girls on the autism spectrum need to know!
Hartman, Davida
Speak up! : a guide to having your say and speaking your mind
Bondy, Halley, 1984-.
The ABC's of LGBT+
Mardell, Ashley.
Bramble and Maggie : snow day
Haas, Jessie
Trains, boats, and planes
Curry, Peter, author, illustrator.
Miracle on 5th Avenue
Morgan, Sarah.
History of wolves : a novel
Fridlund, Emily.
The long journey to Cleveland
Ruder, Rudolf, author.
The universe-- a cosmic tour.
Stars-- birth and death.
Count to 10 : lift the flaps and find the number!
Radford, T. A.
Adiós to my old life
Ferrer, Caridad.
Volcanoes : fire and life
Chad, Jon, author, artist.
Who lives here? : lift the flaps and find out
Radford, T. A.
Observatories in space.
Ender eye prophecy : an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters
Stevens, Cara J.
Animal fun what sound do i make?
Radford, Tracey.
The wonderful story of Henry Sugar, and six more
Dahl, Roald.
Stars-- the inside story.
Observatories on Earth.
Alien planets.
The universe-- mysteries and marvels.
The Milky Way.
Quasars and black holes.
The Punisher : The complete collection. Vol. 2
Ennis, Garth
My Warren Buffett bible : a short and simple guide to rational investing : 284 quotes from the world's most successful investor
Buffett, Warren
The commander : Fawzi al-Qawuqji and the fight for Arab independence, 1914-1948
Parsons, Laila
Rewriting the rules of the American economy : an agenda for growth and shared prosperity
Stiglitz, Joseph E
The world almanac and book of facts, 2017.
The baby name wizard : a magical method for finding the perfect name for your baby
Wattenberg, Laura.
Sing for your life : a story of race, music, and family
Bergner, Daniel
Blue Penguin
Horáček, Petr, author, illustrator.
Everyone is yawning
Bijsterbosch, Anita, author, illustrator.
Marconi : the man who networked the world
Raboy, Marc, 1948-.
Engineering Eden : the true story of a violent death, a trial, and the fight over controlling nature
Smith, Jordan Fisher.
Buddha. 6, Ananda
Tezuka, Osamu, 1928-1989.
Victoria the queen : an intimate biography of the woman who ruled an empire
Baird, Julia (Julia Woodlands).
Wolf in the snow
Cordell, Matthew, 1975- author, illustrator.
Hidden figures : the untold true story of four African-American women who helped launch our nation into space
Lee Shetterly, Margot
Get happy
Amato, Mary, author.
Willful machines
Floreen, Tim.
The amateurs
Shepard, Sara.
A million worlds with you
Gray, Claudia.
Anne & Henry
Ius, Dawn.
We know it was you : a Strange truth novel
Thrash, Maggie.
Labyrinth lost
Córdova, Zoraida.
Shame the stars
McCall, Guadalupe Garcia.
Girl mans up
Girard, M-E.
Going geek
Huang, Charlotte.
Perfect liars
Reid, Kim.
Goslee, S. J.
The fifth Beatle : the Brian Epstein story
Tiwary, Vivek J., 1973-.
SAT premier 2017 with 5 practice tests.
Girl in Dior
Goetzinger, Annie, 1951-
Bad girls of fashion : style rebels from Cleopatra to Lady Gaga
Croll, Jennifer.
Rad women worldwide : artists and athletes, pirates and punks, and other revolutionaries who shaped history
Schatz, Kate.
Above the dreamless dead : World War I in poetry and comics
Surviving middle school : navigating the halls, riding the social roller coaster, and unmasking the real you
Reynolds, Luke.
One was lost
Richards, Natalie D.
Something in between
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971-
Hide-and-seek with Dory
Garr, Bonita.
Tattoo Atlas
Floreen, Tim.
The Diabolic
Kincaid, S. J.
Rani Patel in full effect
Patel, Sonia.
Newman, Emma, 1976-
Investing 101 : from stocks and bonds to ETFs and IPOs, an essential primer on building a profitable portfolio
Cagan, Michele.
Black science. Volume 3, Vanishing pattern
Remender, Rick.
Rich dad's retire young, retire rich : how to get rich and stay rich
Kiyosaki, Robert T., 1947-
Landlording : a handymanual for scrupulous landlords and landladies who do it themselves
Robinson, Leigh, 1940-
A poem for Peter : the story of Ezra Jack Keats and the creation of The snowy day
Pinkney, Andrea Davis.
Marry me on Main Street
McLane, LuAnn.
Tomb with a view
Daniels, Casey.
The death of Rex Nhongo : a novel
George, C. B.
A different mirror for young people : a history of multicultural America
Stefoff, Rebecca, 1951-.
The girl at midnight
Grey, Melissa
Pregnancy and parenting : the ultimate teen guide
Akin, Jessica, author.
How to draw manga boys in simple steps
Li, Yishan
Peach girl : change of heart. 9
Ueda, Miwa.
Too like the lightning
Palmer, Ada.
Fuel economy guide : model year 2017
The Hidden Life of Trees
Wohlleben, Peter
Three Amazing Things About You
Mansell, Jill
Later Gator
DeLeon, Jana
The Negative Calorie Diet
DiSpirito, Rocco
Gregory, A. J.
Baker, Chandler
Blood in the Water
Thompson, Heather Ann
Mansell, Jill
Thank You for Being Late
Friedman, Thomas L.
Shusterman, Neal
The Girl in Green
Miller, Derek B.
Carnival of Secrets
DeMeulemeester, Linda
Pack Enforcer
Dane, Lauren
The Book of Burger
Ray, Rachael
One Hot December
Reisz, Tiffany
Stolen Magic
Levine, Gail Carson
Talons of Power
Sutherland, Tui T.
Mr. Splitfoot
Hunt, Samantha
Below the Belt
Woods, Stuart
Private - The Royals
Jones, Rees
Dead or alive
McCoy, Ken.
Yona of the dawn. 1
Kusanagi, Mizuho, 1979-
Magic bitter, magic sweet
Holmberg, Charlie N., 1988-
Ghostly echoes
Ritter, William.
Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar
Wilson, Steve, 1974-.
Blame! 1.
Nihei, Tsutomu.
The six o'clock scramble meal planner : a year of quick, delicious meals to help you prevent and manage diabetes
Goldfarb, Aviva.
Happy as a Dane : 10 secrets of the happiest people in the world
Rydahl, Malene.
The lost girls
Brennan, Allison.
American dreamer : my life in fashion & business
Hilfiger, Tommy.
The shores of Tripoli
Haley, James L.
Rosin, Lindsey.
Bleed, blister, puke, and purge : the dirty secrets behind early American medicine
Younker, J. Marin.
How to draw orcs, goblins, and other wicked creatures
Sautter, Aaron.
The Cat King of Havana
Crosshill, Tom.
Lafcadio Hearn's The faceless ghost and other macabre tales from Japan
Hearn, Lafcadio, 1850-1904.
How to draw manga girls in simple steps
Li, Yishan.
The secret of Goldenrod
O'Reilly, Jane H.
Kokie, E. M.
Lucy and Linh
Pung, Alice.
Crooked kingdom
Bardugo, Leigh
Grave peril
Butcher, Jim, 1971-
The breath of God
Turtledove, Harry.
Because you're mine
Coble, Colleen.
Her every fear
Swanson, Peter, 1968-
The sleepwalker
Bohjalian, Chris, 1960-
The dry : a novel
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth).
The dark room
Moore, Jonathan, 1977-
How to talk so little kids will listen : a survival guide to life with children ages 2-7
Faber, Joanna.
Star wars rebel heroes
Last, Shari.
AAA road atlas 2017 : Canada, United States, Mexico.
I am number four : the lost files : hidden enemy
Lore, Pittacus, author.
I am number four : the lost files : zero hour
Lore, Pittacus
I am number four : the lost files : rebel allies
Lore, Pittacus.
Saving Red
Sones, Sonya
The monster war : a League of Seven novel
Gratz, Alan.
McDonnell, Patrick, 1956-
Doctor Who : the twelfth doctor. Vol. 3, Hyperion
Morrison, Robbie
LEGO Star Wars, the Force awakens : official guide
Schmidt, Ken.
The last Pokémon master : an unofficial Pokémon GO adventure
Christo, Carol
The keys : They Don't Want You to Read This Book
DJ Khaled.
A few right thinking men : a Rowland Sinclair mystery
Gentill, Sulari
Good morning, city
Kiernan, Pat, 1968-
The baby bistro : child-approved recipes and expert nutrition advice for the first year
Schmidt, Christina.
The good parenting food guide : managing what children eat without marking food a problem
Ogden, Jane.
First words : a parent's step-by-step guide to helping a child with speech and language delays
Offenbacher, Barbara Levine, 1953-
The revenge of analog : real things and why they matter
Sax, David, author.
How to mend a broken heart
Webber, Christine
Everything you want me to be : a novel
Mejia, Mindy, author.
The protector
Grant, Donna, author.
The newcomer
Fisher, Suzanne Woods, author.
Playing with power : Nintendo NES classics
Rocha, Garitt.
I'll wait, Mr. Panda
Antony, Steve, author, illustrator.
DanGanRonPa, the animation. Volume 2
Tsukimi, Takashi.
Danganronpa, the animation. Volume 1
Tsukimi, Takashi.
Fairy Tail. 56
Mashima, Hiro, 1977-
Say I love you. 15
Hazuki, Kanae, 1980-
Say I love you. 16
Hazuki, Kanae, 1980-
Haikyu!! 2, The view from the top
Furudate, Haruichi, 1983-
Food wars! : Shokugeki no soma. 14
Tsukuda, Yuto, 1989-
Assassination classroom. Time for the Grim Reaper. 12
Matsui, Yūsei, 1981-
Haikyu!! 4, Rivals!
Furudate, Haruichi, 1983-
Case closed. Volume 60
Aoyama, Gōshō.
My wonderful nursery rhyme collection.
Cleared for takeoff : the ultimate book of flight
White, Rowland.
Meet the Detroit Lions
Burgess, Zack.
Oh, ick! : 114 science experiments guaranteed to gross you out!
Masoff, Joy.
Animals by the numbers : a book of infographics
Jenkins, Steve, 1952-
The Forgetting
Cameron, Sharon, 1970- author.
Strikeout of the bleacher weenies : and other warped and creepy tales
Lubar, David
What light
Asher, Jay, 1975-
Girls like me
StVil, Lola.
Banks, Anna.
Smith, Sherri L.
Every hidden thing
Oppel, Kenneth, 1967- author.
Blood red snow white
Sedgwick, Marcus.
Stealing Indians
Smelcer, John E., 1963- author.
The Asterisk war. Encounter with a fiery princess. 1
Miyazaki, Yuu.
Goodnight Punpun. 1
Asano, Inio, 1980-
The twelve days of Dash & Lily
Cohn, Rachel.
The young world
Weitz, Chris, 1969-
The female of the species
McGinnis, Mindy.
The midnight star
Lu, Marie.
Still life with tornado
King, A. S. (Amy Sarig).
And the trees crept in
Kurtagich, Dawn, author
Goodnight Punpun. 3
Asano, Inio, 1980-
Pretty deadly. Volume two. The bear
DeConnick, Kelly Sue.
Wandering island. 1
Tsuruta, Kenji, 1961-
Sweetness & lightning. 1
Amagakure, Gido.
Goodnight Punpun. 2
Asano, Inio, 1980-
Sweetness & lightning. 2
Amagakure, Gido.
Make: drones : teach an Arduino to fly
McGriffy, David.
SAT and ACT grammar workbook
Ehrenhaft, George, author.
What was the San Francisco Earthquake?
Hoobler, Dorothy.
Women chefs of New York
Arumugam, Nadia
Learn to draw Disney classic animated movies
Understanding living trusts : how you can avoid probate, keep control, save taxes, and enjoy peace of mind
Schumacher, Vickie
A very pukka murder : a Maharaja mystery
Gaind, Arjun
The cow said meow
Himmelman, John, author, illustrator.
Skill practice : grade 2
Forte, Imogene.
Skill practice : grade 1
Forte, Imogene.
Skill practice : grade 5
Forte, Imogene.
Skill practice : grade 4
Forte, Imogene.
Skill practice : grade 3
Forte, Imogene.
Fuddles and Puddles
Vischer, Frans.
Owen, Michael.
BioShock : the collection
Walsh, Doug.
The grizzly bear who lost his grrrrr!
Biddulph, Rob.
Stripes the cat tiger
Leroy, Jean.
Lemire, Jeff.
Chilling adventures of Sabrina. Book one, The crucible
Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto.
Astronauts in trouble
Young, Larry, 1963-.
Murphy, Jill.
Gretzky, Glen.
The big book of makerspace projects : inspiring makers to experiment, create, and learn
Graves, Colleen.
Every color
Kono, Erin Eitter, author, illustrator.
Invisible Republic. Volume 2
Hardman, Gabriel.
Toto's apples
Lavoie, Mathieu, 1976- author, illustrator.
Fox and the jumping contest
Tabor, Corey R.
Good night tiger
Knapman, Timothy
Your alien returns
Sauer, Tammi
Hat on, hat off
Heras, Theo, 1948-.
Mystery Girl. Volume 1
Tobin, Paul, 1965- author.
Valentine mice!
Roberts, Bethany, author.
Cupcake cousins : Summer showers. 2
Hannigan, Kate.
One hundred dresses : If the magic fits. 1
Schmid, Susan Maupin.
Zoe's rescue zoo : the lucky snow leopard. 4
Cobb, Amelia.
Lola Levine and the ballet scheme. 3
Brown, Monica.
Batgirl. Volume 3, Mindfields
Stewart, Cameron, 1976-.
Adventures of Supergirl
Gates, Sterling
Nonfiction in motion : connecting preschoolers with nonfiction books through movement
Dietzel-Glair, Julie.
Scott 2017 standard postage stamp catalogue. Volume 6, Countries of the world San-Z
There was a crooked man: a Cat Deluca mystery
Larsen, K. J.
The great impersonation
Oppenheim, E. Phillips (Edward Phillips), 1866-1946.
Forging the darksword
Weis, Margaret.
When true night falls
Friedman, C. S.
Return to Umbria : a Rick Montoya Italian mystery
Wagner, David P., author.
Shusterman, Neal, author.
Crown of shadows
Friedman, C. S.
Feast of souls
Friedman, C. S.
2 chairs : the secret that changes everything
Beaudine, Bob
Vagabond : Vizbig Edition. Vol. 6
Inoue, Takehiko.
Vagabond : Vizbig Edition. Vol. 3
Inoue, Takehiko.
Vagabond : Vizbig Edition. Vol. 10
Inoue, Takehiko.
Rituals for magic and meaning : create your own spiritual ceremonies
Greenleaf, Cerridwen
Fix-it and forget-it lazy and slow cookbook : 365 days of slow cooker recipes
Comerford, Hope
Brown girl in the ring
Hopkinson, Nalo.
An introductory guide to repairing mechanical clocks
Jeffery, Scott, author.
Thea Stilton and the Madagascar madness
Stilton, Thea, author.
PJ Masks save the library!
Pendergrass, Daphne, author.
The air fryer cookbook : deep-fried flavor made easy, without all the fat!
English, Todd, author.
Mimi and Bear in the snow
Trasler, Janee, author, illustrator.
Arctic animals
Carpenter, Tad.
Princess Leia : royal rebel
Glass, Calliope.
Crochet : 200 questions & answers : questions answered on everything from basic stitches to finishing touches
Taylor, Rita.
Starcraft : evolution
Zahn, Timothy.
The language of the dead : a World War II mystery
Kelly, Stephen.
Water logic
Marks, Laurie J.
Hold me, cowboy
Yates, Maisey, author.
Jimmy the Hand
Feist, Raymond E.
Animal III : Revelations
The sun is also a star
Yoon, Nicola
The art and craft of handmade books
LaPlantz, Shereen, 1947-2003
Under the lights : a Field party novel
Glines, Abbi
Herbie's big adventure
Poh, Jennie, author, illustrator.
Cat knit
Grant, Jacob, 1984- author, illustrator.
Odd socks
Robinson, Michelle (Michelle Jane), 1977-.
Madden NFL 17
I'm a veterinarian
Biggs, Brian.
Fromental, Jean-Luc.
Baja California Peninsula : 101 maneras de descubrir Baja = 101 ways to explore Baja
Jaime Félix, Reyna L.
Wicked weeds : a novel
Cabiya, Pedro.
No quarter : the three lives of Jimmy Page
Power, Martin.
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Clare, Cassandra
The social organism : a radical understanding of social media to transform your business and life
Luckett, Oliver
Making sculpture from scrap metal
Parkinson, Peter, 1942-.
The uninvited
Graham, Heather
Go for broke regiment
Garstecki, Julia
Tuskegee airmen
Garstecki, Julia
Garstecki, Julia
Buffalo soldiers
Garstecki, Julia
Harlem hellfighters
Garstecki, Julia
American Indian code talkers
Garstecki, Julia
All heart : my dedication and determination to become one of soccer's best
Lloyd, Carli, 1982-.
J.k. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2017 : For Preparing Your 2016 Tax Return
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. BFF, Vol.1
Montclare, Brandon
Minecraft : medieval fortress : exploded builds
Jelley, Craig
The mysteries of the Trojan War.
Depression : a teen's guide to survive and thrive
Toner, Jacqueline B
The Princess in Black takes a vacation
Hale, Shannon.
Dodd, Emma, 1969-
Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy
Savage, Doug, author, artist.
Forest of ruin
Armstrong, Kelley.
Understanding sexual orientation and gender identity
Rodi, Robert.
Doctor Who. The Eleventh Doctor. Vol. 3, Conversion
Ewing, Al.
Jughead. Volume one
Zdarsky, Chip.
Otherworld Barbara. Vol. 1
Hagio, Moto, 1949-
Bandette. Volume 3, The house of the green mask
Tobin, Paul, 1965-
Bandette. Volume two, Stealers keepers!
Tobin, Paul, 1965-
Invisible Republic. Volume 1
Hardman, Gabriel.
Top 250 LGBTQ books for teens : coming out, being out, and the search for community
Cart, Michael.
Make: tools : how they work and how to use them
Platt, Charles.
Make : reMaking history. Volume 1, Early makers
Gurstelle, William.
Edible inventions : cooking hacks and yummy recipes you can build, mix, bake, and grow
Ceceri, Kathy.
Ms. Marvel. Vol. 2
Wilson, G. Willow.
Lego Marvel Avengers : official guide
Schmidt, Ken.
World of Warcraft : ultimate visual guide
Pleet, Kathleen, author.
Inventing a better mousetrap : 200 years of American history in the amazing world of patent models
Rothschild, Alan, author.
20 years of Tomb Raider : digging up the past, defining the future
Marie, Meagan, author.
Savage, Stephen.
Ivan : the remarkable true story of the shopping mall gorilla
Applegate, Katherine.
Handmade beauty : natural recipes for your face, body and hair
Goggin, Juliette, author.
Television : a biography
Thomson, David, 1941- author.
Food, health, and happiness : 115 on-point recipes for great meals and a better life
Winfrey, Oprah, author.
How to write a business plan
McKeever, Mike P.
Penguins love colors
Aspinall, Sarah
Tokyo ghoul. 9
Ishida, Sui.
Yona of the dawn. 2
Kusanagi, Mizuho, 1979-
The second Mrs. Hockaday : a novel
Rivers, Susan.
NCLEX-RN Exam Cram
Rinehart, Wilda, author.
The hero of Crow's Crossing
Schraff, Anne E.
Little Miss Miss
Gottesfeld, Jeff.
Fight school
Gottesfeld, Jeff.
Jacobs, Evan.
Dr. Dre.
Nicki Minaj.
A very good year
Robins, Eleanor.
A dream of America : the story of immigrant
Phillips, Dee.
Hair She Is
Gray, PJ
Before the snap
Hengel, Katherine.
A second shot
Kuskowski, Alex.
Apartment 4A
Gray, P. J.
Great spies of the world
Perritano, John.
Tuskegee Airmen
Perritano, John.
The most beautiful bully
Freeman, Shannon.
Scratch n' snitch
Jacobs, Evan.
Monsters of the deep
Perritano, John.
Pizer, Carol.
Varsity 170
Jacobs, Evan.
Serial killers
Thomas, T. R.
The soldier
Higgins, M. G.
Jacobs, Evan.
Area 51
Haney, Jill, author.
Fish boy
Higgins, M. G.
The love mints
Gottesfeld, Jeff.
Phillips, Dee, 1967-
A walk in the park
Schraff, Anne E.
Higgins, M. G.
Cannibal animals
Perritano, John.
Bad blood
Schraff, Anne E., author.
That selfie girl
High, Linda Oatman, author.
2 days
Tillit, L. B.
XO Ronette
Gottesfeld, Jeff
High, Linda Oatman
Bi-normal : a novel
Higgins, M. G.
Balsamico : a drop of magic in your kitchen
Midolini, Gloria.
The dream-quest of Vellitt Boe
Johnson, Kij.
The greatest generation speaks : letters and reflections
Brokaw, Tom.
Lean UX : designing great products with agile teams
Gothelf, Jeff.
The awakening of Sunshine Girl
McKenzie, Paige, author, illustrator.
Dust of dreams
Erikson, Steven.
The angler's practical guide to fishing : freshwater, game, saltwater, fly fishing
Miles, Tony, 1944-.
The manual to online public records : the researcher's tool to online resources of public records and public information
Sankey, Michael L., 1949-.
Microsoft Access 2016 programming by example with VBA, XML, and ASP
Korol, Julitta
Wind River rancher
McKenna, Lindsay, 1946-.
Mulberry moon : a Mystic Creek novel
Anderson, Catherine
On broken wings
Cleeton, Chanel
Lord of the privateers
Laurens, Stephanie.
Love & gelato
Welch, Jenna Evans
Splat the cat for president
Bright, J. E.
The mistress : a novel
Steel, Danielle.
Below the belt
Woods, Stuart.
Moana : Meet Maui
No more bows
Cotterill, Samantha.
A greyhound, a groundhog
Jenkins, Emily, 1967-
Birds of prey. Volume 3, The hunt for Oracle
Dixon, Chuck, 1954-
The Lost City of the Monkey God / A True Story
Preston, Douglas J.
The old man
Perry, Thomas, 1947-
Hidden : a Mitchum story
Patterson, James, 1947-
Franklin Says I Love You
Bourgeois, Paulette
Grover Cleveland, Again!
Burns, Ken
Guilty Minds
Finder, Joseph
A Friend for Sam
Labatt, Mary
Froggy's Halloween
London, Jonathan
Dork Diaries 11
Russell, Rachel Renée
The Plot to Kill Hitler
McCormick, Patricia
Her Every Fear
Swanson, Peter
Franklin Rides a Bike
Bourgeois, Paulette
I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937
Tarshis, Lauren
Franklin Wants a Pet, Franklin's Blanket, and Franklin's School Play
Bourgeois, Paulette
Sign of the Moon
Hunter, Erin
Froggy Plays Soccer
London, Jonathan
Franklin's Blanket
Bourgeois, Paulette
Frog Fight
Nickelodeon Publishing
Franklin Is Lost, Franklin's Secret Club, and Franklin and Harriet
Bourgeois, Paulette
Froggy's Sleepover
London, Jonathan
Star wars : rogue one rebel dossier
Fry, Jason, 1969- author.
Excel formulas & functions for dummies
Bluttman, Ken, author.
Career paths in psychology : where your degree can take you
The Notebook of Doom : Sneeze of the octo-schnozz. 11
Cummings, Troy, author.
Silent partner
Kellerman, Jonathan.
Say goodbye
Gardner, Lisa.
The hexed
Graham, Heather.
Heart of evil
Graham, Heather.
Goodwin, Daisy.
Wild wicked Scot
London, Julia, author.
The Worthington wife
Page, Sharon.
Wyoming brave
Palmer, Diana.
Wild wicked Scot
London, Julia.
The marriage lie
Belle, Kimberly.
The cursed
Graham, Heather.
Dan and Phil go outside
Howell, Dan, 1991-
The Daily show (the book) : an oral history as told by Jon Stewart, the correspondents, staff and guests
Smith, Chris
Star Wars rogue one : the ultimate visual guide
Hidalgo, Pablo
PJ Masks : Time to be a hero
Pendergrass, Daphne.
Michigan S.C.A.O. approved forms, 2016 : with amendments received through June 20, 2016.
Magic and loss : the Internet as art
Heffernan, Virginia, 1969- author.
100 tricks to appear smart in meetings : how to get by without even trying
Cooper, Sarah
The dead in their vaulted arches : a Flavia de Luce novel
Bradley, C. Alan, 1938- author.
Thinking, fast and slow
Kahneman, Daniel, 1934-.
The criminal law handbook : know your rights, survive the system
Bergman, Paul, 1943- author.
A very English scandal : sex, lies and a murder plot in the houses of parliament
Preston, John, 1953-
The Arab of the future : a graphic memoir : a childhood in the Middle East (1978-1984)
Sattouf, Riad, author.
The Arab of the future. A Childhood in the Middle East (1984-1985): 2, A graphic memoir
Sattouf, Riad, author, artist.
Driverless : intelligent cars and the road ahead
Lipson, Hod.
The snowball
Ferri, Giuliano.
The ball hogs
Wallace, Rich.
Return to the secret garden
Webb, Holly
Eye of the storm
Messner, Kate.
Noll, Elizabeth.
The Bermuda Triangle
Noll, Elizabeth.
Noll, Elizabeth.
Noll, Elizabeth.
Haunted places
Noll, Elizabeth
Noll, Elizabeth.
Fantastic beasts and where to find them : the beasts : cinematic guide
Baker, Felicity.
Learn to draw Disney Moana
Wonderful winter / All kinds of winter facts and fun
Goldstone, Bruce, author.
Braids & buns, ponies & pigtails : 50 hairstyles every girl will love
Strebe, Jenny.
Terp, Gail, 1951-
Red foxes
Terp, Gail, 1951-
Black bears
Terp, Gail, 1951-
Killer whales
Terp, Gail, 1951-
Gray wolves
Terp, Gail, 1951-
Terp, Gail, 1951-
Terp, Gail, 1951-
Terp, Gail, 1951-
Experiencing Broadway music : a listener's companion
Sherrell, Kat, author.
Family law in a nutshell
Myers, John E. B., author.
The Sun Is Also a Star
Yoon, Nicola
My Brother, My Sister, and I
Watkins, Yoko Kawashima
Essential Maps for the Lost
Caletti, Deb
The Princess Diaries
Cabot, Meg
The Thousandth Floor
McGee, Katharine
In My Hands
Armstrong, Jennifer
Tunes for Bears to Dance To
Cormier, Robert
Pig Park
Martinez, Claudia Guadalupe
The High Lord
Canavan, Trudi.
Lawhead, Steve.
The Magicians' Guild
Canavan, Trudi.
Insuring success : an insurance professional's guide to increased sales, a more rewarding career, and an enriched life
Weedin, Dan, author.
Prince Lestat and the realms of Atlantis
Rice, Anne.
Island of glass
Roberts, Nora.
Dog Man unleashed
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, artist.
The lose your belly diet : change your gut, change your life
Stork, Travis, author.
Adventure time. Volume 10
Hastings, Chris, 1983-
It is not time for sleeping : (a bedtime story)
Graff, Lisa (Lisa Colleen), 1981-
Curious George : Subway train adventure
My first dance : ballet.
Little night cat
Danowski, Sonja.
Young, Rebecca, 1980-
Poles apart
Willis, Jeanne.
Finding first animals and more!
Walden, Libby.
The midnight bell
Higgins, Jack.
Wings of fire : Talons of power. 9
Sutherland, Tui.
Small admissions
Poeppel, Amy.
Set your voice free : how to get the singing or speaking voice you want
Love, Roger.
Geronimo Stilton : Bollywood burglary. 65
Stilton, Geronimo.
Expecting to die
Jackson, Lisa
Curtain of death : a clandestine operations novel
Griffin, W. E. B
Cross the line
Patterson, James.
When all the girls have gone
Krentz, Jayne Ann
The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2017
Testa, Len
Skinnytaste Fast and Slow
Jones, Heather K.
The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
Tobias, Andrew
The Year of Living Danishly
Russell, Helen
Crisis of Character
Byrne, Gary J.
You Can't Touch My Hair
Robinson, Phoebe
Diary of an oxygen thief
In Vino Veritas : A Harry Vicary British Police Procedural
Turnbull, Peter
The emperors of Rome : the story of Imperial Rome from Julius Caesar to the last emperor
Potter, D. S. (David Stone), 1957-
The best things to do in New York : 1001 ideas
Leffel, Caitlin.
The Mephisto Club
Gerritsen, Tess.
The severed streets
Cornell, Paul.
Rocket fuel : power-packed food for sports + adventure
Kadey, Matt.
MCOLES secrets study guide : your key to exam success
Graveyard shift : a Pepper Martin mystery
Daniels, Casey.
I'll take you there : a novel
Lamb, Wally.
Moonglow : a novel
Chabon, Michael
Painted paper art workshop : easy and colorful collage paintings
St. Hilaire, Elizabeth.
Off color : the violent history of detroit's notorius purple gang.
Waugh, Daniel.
Brutal Night of the Mountain Man
Johnstone, J.A.
Milk and Honey
Kaur, Rupi
Sunrise Crossing
Thomas, Jodi
Rise the Dark
Koryta, Michael
A Dog's Purpose
Cameron, W. Bruce
The Widower's Wife
Holahan, Cate
Blood Vow
Ward, J.R.
The One Man
Gross, Andrew
Luceno, James
A Promise of Fire
Bouchet, Amanda
The Sleepwalker
Bohjalian, Chris
A Change of Heart
Dev, Sonali
One Plus One
Moyes, Jojo
I am half-sick of shadows : a Flavia de Luce novel
Bradley, C. Alan.
The sweetness at the bottom of the pie : a Flavia de Luce mystery
Bradley, C. Alan.
A hood legend
Martin, Victor L.
The family business
Weber, Carl, 1964-
Speaking from among the bones : a Flavia de Luce novel
Bradley, C. Alan.
As chimney sweepers come to dust : a Flavia de Luce novel
Bradley, C. Alan, 1938-
Dragonfly in amber
Gabaldon, Diana.
The weed that strings the hangman's bag : a Flavia de Luce mystery
Bradley, C. Alan, 1938-
End the insomnia struggle : a step-by-step guide to help you get to sleep and stay asleep
Ehrnstrom, Colleen.
Ninth City burning
Black, J. Patrick.
Inherited disorders : stories, parables & problems
Sachs, Adam Ehrlich.
A red herring without mustard : a Flavia de Luce novel
Bradley, C. Alan, 1938-
Bunny slopes
Rueda, Claudia.
Captain Awesome has the best snow day ever? 18
Kirby, Stan.
Sleep better! a guide to improving sleep for children with special needs
Durand, Vincent Mark.
To Pixar and beyond : my unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history
Levy, Lawrence (Lawrence B.),.
Loving, supporting, and caring for the cancer patient : a guide to communication, compassion, and courage
Goldberg, Stan, 1945-.
By women possessed : a life of Eugene O'Neill
Gelb, Arthur, 1924-2014.
Learning to plan and be organized : executive function skills for kids with AD/HD
Nadeau, Kathleen G, author.
Nothing but trouble
Davies, Jacqueline.
Caveboy Dave : more scrawny than brawny
Reynolds, Aaron, 1970-.
Madeline Finn and the library dog
Papp, Lisa.
Michigan modern : design that shaped America
Tempting Texas
Raye, Kimberly.
Thief of time : a novel of Discworld®
Pratchett, Terry.
The secret history of Twin Peaks
Frost, Mark.
Monstrous regiment
Pratchett, Terry.
Spirit mission : a novel
Russ, Ted.
Batman. Volume 10, Epilogue
Snyder, Scott.
The trouble with dukes
Burrowes, Grace.
The German girl : a novel
Correa, Armando Lucas, 1959-.
Ash Island : a Belltree mystery
Maitland, Barry
The caregiving season : finding grace to honor your aging parents
Daly, Jane S.
Superman : the final days of Superman
Tomasi, Peter.
The ultimate router guide : jigs, joinery, projects and more from Popular Woodworking
And every morning the way home gets longer and longer : a novella
Backman, Fredrik.
23/7 : Pelican Bay Prison and the rise of long-term solitary confinement
Reiter, Keramet.
The perfect horse : the daring U.S. mission to rescue the priceless stallions kidnapped by the Nazis
Letts, Elizabeth.
The house on Honeysuckle Lane
McDonough, Mary Elizabeth.
Dracula vs. Hitler
Duncan, Patrick Sheane, author.
DC rebirth omnibus. Volume 1
Picture perfect wedding
Austin, Lynnette.
Thanksgiving : the holiday at the heart of the American experience
Kirkpatrick, Melanie.
Viking warrior rebel
Bradley, Asa Maria.
The Enchilada Queen : enchiladas, fajitas, tamales, and more classic recipes from Texas-Mexico border kitchens
Casares, Sylvia.
Menage's way
Martin, Victor L.
Childhood speech and language disorders : supporting children and families on the path to communication
Ducharme, Suzanne M.
Money-making mom : how every woman can earn more and make a difference
Paine, Crystal, author.
Word of mouse
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
If snowflakes tasted like fruitcake
Previn, Stacey, author, illustrator.
Puppy pals : Murphy. 3
Hughes, Susan, 1960- author.
Winter Fun
Mroz, John
Wings of wrath
Friedman, C. S.
Christmas joy : a novel
Naigle, Nancy.